New Year, New Insurance?

The beginning of a new year is a great time to review your auto insurance policies and make sure you are well-covered. While you may save a little money in the short term with state-minimum levels of insurance, it’s best to protect yourself with sufficient insurance should you either cause an accident, or be involved in an accident with another driver who has too little insurance or none at all.

Both Ohio and Pennsylvania require a set minimum amount of liability insurance, which is meant to protect other drivers should you cause an accident. However, these minimum amounts often do not cover damages for more than minor injuries, and an underinsured motorist may find themselves responsible for the difference. By the same token, you may have sufficient liability coverage on your own vehicles, but if you are injured by someone else who drives without insurance, or with the state minimum, you may need uninsured/underinsured coverage to protect yourself.

No one likes to spend more money than they think they have to, but when it comes to insurance, a little extra in your monthly premiums can make a huge difference if you are in an accident. Call your agent to learn more about your existing policies and how you might better protect yourself.


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