What Is The Overview Of Ohio State Dog Bite Laws?

Ohio law dictates that dog owners are strictly liable for dog bites. However, you can also recover under the law of Negligence (when another person is careless). You do not need to have two separate cases, but you can use either or both theories to prove your case. I usually make a claim under both theories through statute 95528, which states that the owner, keeper, or harbor of a dog is liable for damages or injury caused by the dog unless the injury was caused to a person attempting to commit or committing a crime or teasing or tormenting the dog.
As I’ve said before, I don’t recommend clients give statements to the insurance companies without first speaking to their attorneys. Insurance companies can use information you give them against you to try to fight liability.

The statute specifically says “...owner, keeper, or harbor...”, because sometimes, there are incidents where an owner leaves their dog in the care of another person, whether for a few minutes or a few days. If the dog was under the care of someone other than the owner during the time of the accident, that person may also be liable for your injuries.

Is There Any Sort Of Contributory Fault Or Negligence By The Injured Party Considered In Dog Bite Injury Cases In Ohio?

As long as you are not tormenting or teasing the dog, there is almost no argument to place fault on the dog bite victim.

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