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Protecting the Injured after an Accident

Auto accidents are traumatic, even when it appears no one has been injured. Decisions should be made carefully. You should see your medical provider following the accident, and it is advisable to consult a lawyer before giving any statement to an insurance company; even your own. Obviously, you will be working with your insurance company in the event of an accident, but by rushing into a statement, you risk inadvertently providing information to an adversary that could be used against you.

General Information:

The team at Elizabeth Bernard Law can help you with potential legal issues, even if you think there are no disputes in your case. We can advise you of your rights and determine the details of your specific issue so that you are assured of being treated fairly by any insurance company involved in your case.

Handling Medical Matters

Serious injury in an auto accident means medical records and billing that must be carefully compiled and documented. Our team will work with you to be sure evidence is preserved, medical records are secured and your interests are protected. Securing medical documentation can be frustrating and confusing. We work with medical providers and insurance companies to be sure all documents are submitted and your medical bills are addressed while your legal case is in process. Ohio law, insurance contracts, and automobile insurance all affect how medical bills are paid, when they are paid, and who pays them. The at-fault driver’s insurance company may not pay all your medical bills, and likely will not pay them up front, but we know how to navigate the process to protect you.

Helping Those Injured On Ohio’S Roadways

At Elizabeth Bernard Law, we can help you if you are injured in an accident on an Ohio interstate even if you live elsewhere. In fact, it is best if you work with an Ohio lawyer in most of these cases. Why?

  • The case will likely be filed in Ohio because the accident occurred here.
  • The evidence is all located here.
  • The investigation will be done here.
  • An out-of-state attorney may not have in-depth knowledge of Ohio law.

With more than 33 years of experience as an Ohio highway accident attorney, Elizabeth Bernard understands Ohio laws and is dedicated to recovering full and fair compensation for her Ohio and out-of-state clients.

We are experts when you are injured in an auto accident in Salem, Ohio or the surrounding area. You need legal advice if you believe you may be entitled to compensation. Contact Elizabeth Bernard Law today. Your consultation is free, so talking to one of our attorneys won’t cost you, but an ill-advised statement to an insurance company, even your own, may.

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